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No one likes to lose a lawsuit, but generally one side will not get what or all that they want. Sometimes errors by a judge or jury can be corrected through an appeal to a higher court. To have your best chance of getting the trial result changed you will need a "real lawyer"-- someone who understands both the substantive and procedural law involved in your case and who has the ability to persuasively present your position to an appellate court judge.

Finding and working with a lawyer can be a daunting task. However, you should not assume your trial counsel can adequately assist with an appeal. Get a second opinion about the likelihood of success. I will not be afraid to tell you if errors or shortcomings by trial counsel have sealed your fate. And even if your trial counsel is a wonderful litigator, he may not have the legal research and writing skills required to write a good appellate brief. I enjoy an excellent reputation with the appellate courts before whom I regularly appear for presenting clear, concise briefs that make it easier for them to decide the case. That I have their trust is evidenced by the number of times they order their opinions in my cases "published", meaning they feel the case involves a matter of continuing importance to the jurisprudence of the state and has been fully researched.

I will strive to make your experience a positive one. I will explain the appellate process and keep you fully informed as the case progresses. With 22 years of experience, I have gained knowledge in several substantive areas of the law- negligence, contracts, real property, family, oil & gas, insurance. More importantly, I have learned how appellate judges think and what they expect and appreciate in the way cases are presented to them.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or wish to discuss your specific needs. I look forward to working with you.

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The content of an appellate brief must be carefully assessed.

For an estimate of the cost of your appeal contact me at
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Once a judgment is signed you have no more than 30 days to perfect an appeal and less time to take several steps that may improve your chances of success. Once the appellate record is filed your lawyer will have as little as 30 days to get a brief filed if you are the appellant. For me to be able to assist, you must get me involved in the case quickly.

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