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About the Firm

Firm History

This website was established in 2002 as a new means of attracting clients. The primary reason for this method of client development is that I do not maintain a traditional law office or advertise or even list my business in the phone book. Furthermore, I specialize exclusively in writing briefs in civil cases. While I occasionally receive referrals from other attorneys, my main source of business is through direct contact with litigants- someone who is already involved in the justice system, but who is ready to switch horses or wants to add a fresh approach. I have enjoyed great success over the years in a more traditional practice. Still, I believe this method will also prove successful, particularly because in adopting it I have reduced my overhead costs to a bare minimum and will pass that savings on to you- the consumer. What a combination! A savvy, experienced attorney at a price that you can actually afford.

My Mission

Simple. To provide my clients with the highest level of personal and professional service, achieving or protecting the result of the lawsuit which they desire where that is possible, at a favorable cost.

Martin L. Peterson * Attorney at Law * P. O. Box 185 * Iredell, Texas 76649